Message from the CEO

Working to Achieve the Creation of an Affluent Society:Akihiro TeramachiTHK CO., LTD. President and CEO

Creating Systems Capable of Keeping Up with the Times

Last year, THK celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since our founding, we have faithfully maintained our drive to provide innovative products to the world, which comes from our corporate philosophy, and we have instilled in our employees the spirit of thinking from the customer’s perspective. Furthermore, in order to rapidly respond to diversifying needs, we have established integrated production and sales structures in regions where demand exists. At present, we have expanded our business operations to include 59 locations in Japan (47 sales offices and 12 factories) as well as 98 locations abroad (73 sales offices and 25 factories).

Taking a look at how the times are changing, the coronavirus pandemic that began in early 2020 accelerated innovation that normally might have taken five years, such as developments in electric vehicles, remote work, and teleconferencing with external parties. Even before these changes in the social climate, we have worked to expand our business domains through the pillars of our growth strategy: full-scale globalization, the development of new business areas, and a change in business style. One example is the development of our “Omni THK” virtual platform for communicating with customers and “OMNI edge,” our IoT service for the manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, we have also developed various types of remote and contactless robots during the pandemic. By developing these and other products that meet the needs of the present, we are actively working to realize CSV1 and contribute to the SDGs. Currently, we are also promoting further DX (digital transformation) activities and working to develop the kind of talent that is needed in the digital age.

Contributing to Society through Long-Cultivated Technology

There are two projects we are currently working on in addition to the aforementioned Omni THK and OMNI edge. The first is the THK Education Outreach Program, which began in 2017. Designed for young students, this program is aimed at cultivating future creators and developers who will experience the joy of making things while working with their peers to come up with a solution to a problem facing society. Since the program launched, a total of 129 middle and high schools have signed up to participate. We will continue this effort and hope that it will spark an interest in technology among young people.

The second project is EntSherpa,2 a technical support service aimed at startup companies that launched in April 2021. Based on the expertise we have accumulated since our founding, we provide comprehensive operational support for startup companies through a dedicated team that helps those businesses bring their ideas to fruition and solve technical challenges. As trail guides leading companies toward their aspirations, we provide various types of support, including technical consultations for early-stage idea realization, advice on selecting products, and free product samples. Several companies in Japan are already using this service, and we will be expanding this service to startup companies around the world.

The Carbon Neutrality Pledge

At the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) last fall, each country declared their future initiatives to promote global efforts against climate change. Global warming is an urgent challenge that we must solve for the sake of future generations. THK is also advancing a series of efforts aimed at reducing our burden on the environment, and last year, large-scale solar power generation systems were installed at the THK RHYTHM Hamamatsu and Kyushu plants. In addition, in August, we established medium- and long-term targets to achieve carbon neutrality. Our entire company will work together to promote initiatives aimed at achieving our goals.

THK’s Medium- and Long-Term Targets for Carbon Neutrality
Medium-Term Target

CO2 emissions in 2030: 50% of 2018 levels
Scope: THK Japan and Group companies in Japan
Long-Term Target
CO2 emissions in 2050: Net-zero
Scope: Entire THK Group

Future Developments

Our 50th anniversary is merely a point along our journey. We will respond appropriately to any changes in our external environment and establish a solid foundation to heighten our corporate value. Based on that, in order to create a sustainable and affluent society, we will strive to meet everyone’s expectations as a manufacturing and innovative services company that goes beyond simply creating things, expanding our business to include everything from before to after the sale.

With new variants of the coronavirus emerging, we still find ourselves in unpredictable circumstances. We will continue to thoroughly prevent the spread of infections within our company, and with pride as an essential business, we will fulfill our responsibility to provide products to our customers.

  • 1CSV is an abbreviation of “creating shared value.” This is a strategy of using a company’s strengths to solve social challenges and lead to sustained corporate growth.
  • 2“EntSherpa” is a portmanteau of “entrepreneur” and “Sherpa,” a group of people who are known for working as guides in the Himalayas.