Activities and Results

Environmental Targets*

In order to promote environmental activities throughout the THK Group, the Risk Management Division Environmental Management Section serves as the nexus for activities aimed at achieving environmental goals conducted between the production, administrative, and distribution divisions.

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Item Objective Target Result Main Initiatives for 2021
Conserving energy Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy consumption rate’s* 5-year average by 1%
  • * Consumption rate (value added)
  • Target Consumption rate was 0.545
  • Result was 0.614
  1. Conserve energy on existing equipment
  2. Improve system for energy use
  3. Upgrade air conditioning
  4. Replace light fixtures
  5. Reduce frequency of shipments
Preventing global warming Reduce CO2 emissions
Recycling and reducing waste Achieve and maintain zero emissions Maintain zero emissions (final disposal volume of less than 0.5%)
  • Target was 0.50
  • Result was 0.09
  1. Sort and recycle waste
  2. Reduce material use
Green procurement
(hazardous material management)
Reduce PRTR substances Reduce use by 3% every year compared to the baseline year
  • Target was 50,791 kg
  • Result was 33,950 kg
  1. Reduce PRTR substances
  2. Review solvents used
Manage chemicals contained in products Comply with regulations such as the RoHS Directive
  • Promoted the replacement of substances identified as RoHS Directive exemptions
  1. Promote the replacement of substances identified as RoHS Directive exemptions
Sustainability activities Environmental conservation Conduct independent conservation activities specific to the local circumstances at every factory
  • Conducted activities at every factory
  1. Collect plastic bottle caps and aluminum pull-tabs
  • * Local outreach activities were not conducted.