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Seismic Isolation


THK's accurately machined products are used not only in industrial machines but also in outdoor applications to support heavy loads in splashing, muddy water conditions. Supporting basic human infrastructure, our products are used in an increasing variety of applications to provide comfort and ensure safe living conditions.

Quake-absorbing structures for houses

"Quake-absorbing" technology to alleviate damage from quake vibrations is a valuable countermeasure against earthquakes. When LM Guides are combined orthogonally, they can move in a free motion on a plane surface. Combining this with damping rubbers, THK's unique quake-absorbing system can reduce the vibration of light-weight houses in earthquakes. Through the know-how we have accumulated making LM Guides, THK is creating new systems that can protect people's lives and property arising from natural disasters.

Quake-absorbing structures for large buildings

THK's quake-absorbing guides are also used in skyscraper buildings'. LM Guides are arranged in a crossing pattern to absorb horizontal vibrations. The effects of ground vibrations on the building are minimised, and the shock of a quake can be reduced by 1/3 to 2/3 and converted to a softer force, allowing the building to remain standing.

Shield machines

The traffic and telecommunication networks that are essential to our lives have been installed "under the ground" and are invisible from the surface. Shield machines play an active part in digging the tunnels necessary to maintain subways, optical fiber networks and other parts of the infrastructure. THK's large-scale LM Guides are used in those machines, deep in the earth, to help carry out concrete and perform accurate positioning.

Vibration control structures for buildings

Frequent earthquakes cause much concern among residents of some areas. THK's vibration control system can help. Based on application technologies of LM Guide Ball Screws, the system can protect people's lives and livelihoods from quakes. This system not only prevents damage due to quakes, but also reduce people's fears by its constant, reassuring presence.

Products used

THK Seismic Isolation Systems support buildings

THK Seismic Isolation Systems support buildings

THK’s seismic isolation systems incorporate our core products, including LM Guides.

THK Isolation Table - Model TSD

THK Isolation Table - Model TSD

Flexible support for different sizes and numbers of objects such as servers, precision instruments, and works of art.