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Preserving environment



The THK Group contributes to both society and the economy through our pioneering role as manufacturers of Linear Motion Systems and other unique guides. We also believe that it is a company's social responsibility to leave the global environment in a healthy state for the next generation, which is why we are promoting the following initiatives to continually decrease environmental burdens and sustain and improve the natural environment.

THK Group's Basic Environmental Policy

  1. We consider conservation of the environment to be a major management challenge, and we are striving to accurately understand how our business activities, products, and services impact the environment. All divisions set appropriate environmental goals to address this challenge.
  2. In addition to complying with environmental laws, we have set self-imposed standards that are reviewed regularly to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our environmental management.
  3. We will continually promote the development of products that help reduce environmental impact.
  4. We will cut down energy use in our business activities and continually promote the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 
  5. With a particular focus on the reduction and recycling of waste, we will not only continue to promote the saving and recycling of resources, but also strive to prevent pollution. 
  6. We recognize the impact our business activities have on biodiversity, and we will actively work toward the conservation of all life on Earth.
  7. To achieve greater collaboration with regard to our environmental activities, we provide guidance and support to our affiliate companies and business partners, and also strive to work in cooperation and harmony with the community.
  8. This basic environmental policy is disseminated to all divisions in the Group through education, training, and awareness campaigns, and we facilitate the timely release of information on the environment both within and outside the Group.

    Revised on August 21, 2019