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Around 400 years have passed since Galileo Galilei, the great Italian astronomic scientist, first observed the celestial bodies through a telescope. Today, larger and more accurate astronomical telescopes are designed to observe even more distant stars clearly. THK's technologies are used in telescopes in many observatories.

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

National Astronomical Observatory


This observatory's telescope moves very slowly to observe the stars of the night sky. Vibration-free, smoothly moving linear guidance systems move quietly as they support the telescope and the observatory's dome (roof).

Although the observatory's dome weighs 400 tons, our R Guides allow a very small driving source to operate the entire dome smoothly. We are greatly pleased that our R guides can allow the people of the world to observe such beautiful constellations.

Products used

R Guides

R Guides

R Guides are an application of our LM Guides, the first guides in the world to allow linear motion with rolling contact.