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Dust-Proofing Plate Cover Improvement and Addition of Compact Blocks to Standard Lineup for LM Guide Model HDR


November 29th, 2021

THK has improved its dust-proofing plate cover for the LM Guide Model HDR to make it compatible with rails over 5 m long. In addition, compact blocks are now available for HDR20 and 25.

The Model HDR is an LM Guide that is suited for single-rail applications and features raceways with a contact structure that holds balls in a way that provides high rigidity in the rolling direction. This model is designed with raceways on the sides of the rails to prevent foreign materials on the top surface from affecting their performance.

The Model HDR now features an updated dust-proofing plate cover that can easily be applied to rails over 5 m long in addition to being compatible with small models like the HDR15 and 20.

In addition, compact blocks featuring a low block height have been added to the standard lineup for HDR20 and 25. Besides coming in a rail and block set, a full assortment of GK Series Model HDR rails and blocks are also available for individual purchase.

From machine tools to general production equipment, THK utilizes its original technology to develop new products that meet diverse customer needs.


High Rigidity in the Rolling Direction

The ball raceways of this product feature a DB contact structure that can handle moment loads, provide high rigidity in the rolling direction, and are suited for single-rail applications.

High Rigidity in the Roling Direction HDR

Superior Dust-Proofing for Both Long Rails and Small Models

In addition to a design that protects the raceways from foreign material, this product features a dust-proofing plate cover (90 m max) that demonstrates superior dust-proofing performance even for long rails and small models.

A video highlighting the dust-proofing plate cover is available on the THK official YouTube channel.

Extensive Lineup

This model comes in eight sizes ranging from 15 to 65, and a lineup of ten block types is available: C/LC, R/LR, V/LV, UV/UW, and US/UT.

Block type HDR15 HDR20 HDR25 HDR30 HDR35 HDR45 HDR55 HDR65
Standard type C
V - -
UW - - - - - -
UT - - - - - -
Long type LC
LV - -
Short type UV - - - - - -
US - - - - - -

★: Model added to the lineup
* UV/UW and US/UT blocks are currently not available for individual purchase. However, they will be made available once preparations are complete.

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