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New Cross-Roller Guide VRG with Synchronous Cage Guide

With the newly developed cross-roller guide VRG, THK offers an exceptionally smooth-running and high-precision linear guide for limited stroke movements.

VRG with Rack and Pinion

Illustration 1 Cross-roller guide VRG with rack and pinion for synchronous cage guidance

Detailed product specifications - PDF catalogue

A special feature of this cross-roller guide is the integrated rack and pinion mechanism which moves the cage with the orthogonally arranged precision rollers synchronously with every linear movement. This prevents the cage from wandering which would otherwise occur in linear guides with stroke limitation due to vibrations, moments of inertia or shocks and lead to increased wear and / or malfunctions in operation. Furthermore the close contact between the rollers and the cage reduces the leakage of lubricant and in addition low-wear and low-friction operation is achieved.

By installing two parallel cross roller guides the system can absorb loads from all four main directions. A backlash adjustment screw can be used to set a preload on the rollers during assembly in order to give the system a high level of rigidity.

VRG in parallel usage

Illustration 2 Example of a parallel application with the cross-roller guide VRG

Due to the stable smooth running characteristics and the extremely compact dimensions the cross- roller guide VRG is also suitable for applications with minimal strokes. It is dimensionally compatible with the earlier type VR but has more rolling elements and a higher load rating. It is ideally suited for use in optical measuring devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, optical positioning systems, handling devices and X-ray devices.

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