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Compact Ball Splines LFK-X and LFH-X

New compact Ball Splines LFK-X and LFH-X


Allows constructions with a compact design

The models LFK-X and LFH-X are designed with a lower middle flange height than the conventional model LF-X. This enables more compact designs and space-saving connections of peripheral components.


Lighter Weight

The modified flange shape makes the weight of the spline nut lighter than the round-flanged Model LF-X, reducing the weight of devices.



The lineup features nine sizes ranging from Ø5 to Ø30 mm with two types of spline nuts: standard type and long type (Ø5 to Ø8 mm).


Model No. Spline shaft diameter [mm] Flange height [mm]
(L): Long type LFK-X LFH-X
LFK5X(L)/LFH5X(L) 5 18 16
LFK6X(L)/LFH6X(L) 6 20 18
LFK8X(L)/LFH8X(L) 8 22 21
LFK10X/LFH10X 10 30 25
LFK13X/LFH13X 13 34 29
LFK16X/LFH16X 16 37 34
LFK20X/LFH20X 20 52 38
LFK25X/LFH25X 25 50 46
LFK30X/LFH30X 30 58 51