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Suited for Single Rail Applications HDR

Features a ball contact structure with high rigidity in the Mc direction, making single-axis applications possible even when a moment is applied in that direction.


Feature 1: Suited for Single Rail Applications

The Model HDR LM Guide features a rigid design that can be used in tables configured for one LM Guide. It enables single-axis tables to be more compact and lightweight.

Example for table configuration


Feature 2: LM Rail Surface Protected from Foreign Materials

The ball raceways of the Model HDR are featured on the sides of the LM rail, making it difficult for foreign materials to reach them. To use the product more safely, plate covers can also be installed to improve the contamination protection performance.


Feature 3: LM Blocks and LM Rails Available Separately

The Model HDR features a lineup of interchangeable LM blocks and LM rails that can be combined freely as long as they have the same model number.