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Regarding THK group’s response to the spread of new coronavirus

February 5, 2020

Following the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the Chinese government has been urging companies in the region to have employees refrain from attending work until the 9th February (until the 13th February in Hubei Province) in 23 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. Therefore, THK Group will respond as described below for the time being. In the future, the situation may change at any moment. Please keep in mind that we will announce the latest updates to the situation as necessary.

1. Impact on THK Group
THK Group has production, sales offices, and R&D facility in various parts of China; however, at present no employees have been infected with the coronavirus. THK China Co., Ltd., its sales offices belonging to our group (excluding Wuhan and Wenzhou), THK Wuxi, THK Liaoning, THK Changzhou, Dalian THK, THK Rhythm Changzhou, and THK Rhythm Guangzhou will follow Chinese government, provinces and autonomous regions guidance with regards to work schedule. Therefore, at this moment, these companies are scheduled to start operations on Monday, February 10; however, this may change depending on future developments.

2. Future sales and production in China
We are currently investigating the impact of this situation on the operations of our customers in China and on our production and supply chains. We would like to take all possible measures to prevent any inconvenience to our customers.

3. Operating status of THK group outside China
At this time, THK group's overseas production, sales offices and R&D facilities other than China are operating normally.

4. Contact information
For further inquiries regarding on this matter, please contact below.

TEL: +65 6884 5500